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Industrial Machine Shop

Power Plants

Typical parts that we manufacture are: Special Nozzle Turbine Fittings, Replacement Fasteners for Turbine Housings, a variety of Couplings for Rotary Power Transmission, Sacrificial Wear Sleeves that protect expensive shafts, Thrust Collars, Shafts, Packing Glands, Wear Rings and Adjustment Nuts, Coated Sleeves, Coated Bearings as well as Fabricated Brackets for special engineering projects.

Chemical Plants

Typical parts that we manufacture are: Special Fasteners, Special Fittings, Filter Rods, and Bearing Housings. We re-manufacture various pump parts such as Impellers and Wear Rings, Shafts for Electric Motor Armatures, Packing Housings, Cast Impellers, Fabricated Pipe Products, Flow Restrictors, and Motor Couplings. Most of these parts require special attention to concentricity because they rotate at high RPM.


Typically we manufacture replacement propeller shafts up to 4" in diameter. We bore and key replacement shaft couplings paying extreme attention to shaft straightness and coupling concentricity as well as fitup tolerance. We are capable of machining and keying precision tapered bores. We fabricate Engine Mounts, Struts and Rudders for repower applications and we repair a number of worn or corroded parts such as Stuffing Boxes and Rudder Steering Linkages. We remachine the corroded and leaking Exhaust manifold surfaces as well as Corroded and leaking Heat Exchanger Housings. If you need to mount new equipment such as Pumps, Davits or Generators, B&S can provide any custom parts necessary to make the equipment fit your yacht or workboat.


We manufacture Bearing Housings, Alloy Steel Wheels, Axels, Thrust Collars and Seal Glands......send your inquiries and let us quote from your print or from worn parts from within your plant.


We manufacture Test Fixtures for testing pneumatic and hydraulic valves and actuators as well as mechanical actuators. We machine, "Repair Ribs" and Doublers for Inlet Cowlings as per customer prints and material specifications. We design and manufacture work aids such as Roll-Over stands for Thrust Reversers.We have manufactured Thrust Reverser rollover stands for a major airlines and we have designed and manufactured hydraulic dollies that were use to remove and replace the wings on a corporate jet. Some of our machining artistry was installed in private jet owned by rock star Bon Jovi.

Your Industry

Call the folks at B&S with your requirements to find out how we can be of assistance to you.



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