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Machine Shop Parts Inventory

The Job Shop environment requires that we must be prepared to meet our customer's needs on a moments notice with an inventory of machine shop parts. To enable our personnel to respond quickly we have built a very large inventory of Machine Stock and Support Tooling as well as to develop healthy relationships with our material vendors. We have been known to receive a Print and a P.O. at 10:00 AM and ship parts on the same day.

Various Metal Inventory


Tube Inventory

Inventory List

  • 1018 CRS various sizes up to 9” Dia
  • 1045 CRS Various sizes up to 14” Dia
  • 304 SS Various sizes up to 6” Dia
  • 316 SS Various Sizes up to 6” Dia
  • Nitronic 50 and 60 Various sizes up to 4” Dia
  • CA15 Tube various sizes up to 20” dia
  • CA40 Tube various sizes up to 20” dia
  • CF3 & CF3M Tube Various sizes up to 15” Dia
  • Bronze Tube 932,954,955
Machine Inventory


Metal Inventory