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Machine Turning

Using Conventional lathes we are capable of Turning, Boring and Threading parts that range from very small diameters to machining parts that are 45" in diameter. All of our Conventional Lathes are well tooled and equipped with Digital Read Outs which enable us to program and cut complex shapes such as Internal and External Radii, Grooves and Angles. Highly skilled machinist and good equipment enable us to consistently hold tolerances of +/-.001" on outside diameters and bores and with extra effort we can machine bearing fits that have .0005" total tolerance.
Backing Plate Casting

Using CNC Turning Centers we are capable of Turning, Boring and Threading complex parts that range from small diameters to parts that are 20” diameter.


We frequently run production parts that can be Bar Fed as will as parts that require constant Machinist/Operator intervention to maintain exact size control and surface finishes that are required by our customers.


Our programming software enables us to machine complex shapes like Multi Start threads, Face grooves, ID and OD threads. Our staff has the opportunity of annual in house programming training.


CNC Lathes are backed up with competent machinist capable of writing and editing programs and a full complement of tooling

David on the Mori
Tapered Column Pipe
Bearing Housing
Tapered Column Pipe